software, hardware, and heart.

Hey! I’m Dylan Butman. I build things and make stuff.

I am a programmer, systems and interaction designer, and interactive artist. My work includes a mix of web and native based application ranging in scope for MVP demos for concept-state startups to work on multi-year SAAS products. I specialize in building complex single page web-apps, interactive data visualizations, and creative coding installations.

I care deeply about structure, clarity, and extensibility, which leads me to spend the extra time to think about and execute forward looking solutions. My experience in graphical mediums has made me highly aware of user experience and design concerns, and I like to be involved in a iterative process with designers from an early stage in projects.

Artistically, I work with code and digital devices to create sound, light, and kinetic experiences that mediate alternative views of technology, perception and human interaction. I’m especially interested in exploring interfaces between generative computational systems, natural and artificial environments, and human perception and empathic response.

Want to hire me?

I’m happiest working on hard problems with smart people. I like to work on projects I care about. Want to work together? Get in touch.

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